From picturesque ponds and historic castles to green valleys and charming coastal towns, there are many romantic things you can do in Slovenia. If you are buying a romantic escape or to plan your perfect honeymoon, this beautiful country is the perfect choice.

Ljubljana Town: One of the unique spots to visit in Slovenia, Ljubljana is mostly a place just where history, culture and cuisine come together. This city is a great destination for couples who would like to explore their history and know more about its tradition.

Ptuj Town: The ancient city of Ptuj contains a lot to provide, including Ptuj Castle, which is a must-visit when inside the region. It also provides a beautiful old city, which is a great place to stroll around and take in the engineering.

Maribor: State of Maribor has a whole lot to offer, such as oldest wine region in the world, an impressive art and music location, and plenty of historical properties. Located on the Drava River inside the northeast spot of Slovenia, it is an preferred spot for an intimate escape.

Kobarid: The exotic mountain commune of Kobarid is a fantastic spot to move away from the crushed path and explore the beautiful countryside. Its ancient castles and caves get this a fantastic place to go for nature addicts, and it is as well home to just one of the most entertaining activities in Slovenia: rafting to the Soca Lake!

Savane: For an amazing encounter in this marvelous pond, make sure to go to the island church that is perched over a tiny tropical isle in the middle of the lake. It’s known for its famous church steeple that has been presented in countless dreamy photos, and the new must-visit with respect to couples.

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