Business Processes Related to Contracting and Management

A business process is a series of organized activities performed by individuals or equipment that produce products or services in a specific sequence to achieve an organizational goal. Efficient, streamlined processes allow companies to organize their work, keep track of their operations, meet goals, and offer benefits to employees and customers.

Business processes related to contracting and management encompass conceiving, planning, designing, preconstruction, procurement, commissioning, construction and decommissioning a project. Each of these processes involves multiple stakeholders as well as contracts and agreements with deliverables, milestones responsibility and risks. They can be complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive. The success of an initiative is dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes. The quality of these processes directly affects employee morale and satisfaction of customers.

Corcentric is often requested to modify the processes of construction companies to enhance performance. This is accomplished by conducting an extensive review of a client’s processes, creating the proposal to outline how the company can improve its processes with specific goals in mind (e.g. Reduce cycle times, enhance quality. Implement the new process. Then monitor and evaluate its effectiveness in achieving desired results and outcomes.

The business processes that aren’t optimized can result in bottlenecks for the entire organization. A lack of clearly defined and efficient workflows may cause employees to be frustrated at work. Poorly created processes, like, can cause employees to waste time searching for and completing tasks that could be automated.