Selecting Board Management Software

Board management software can help organizations simplify the process of organising board meetings and other documents, and also enable members to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. It’s also a safer alternative to email when sharing sensitive information. Not all board management programs are created equal. It is important to consider your business’s requirements when selecting a solution.

Many people believe that board portals are primarily intended for boards of directors. However, they can also be adapted to meet the needs of governance of committees and working groups. Choose a board management software partner that provides group training and support to help you expand the value of your technology in the boardroom to other groups within your company.

Check out a board portal with meeting management tools, including calendars that have integrated scheduling capabilities and e-signature options for efficient meetings that are more easy to track and audit. Another crucial feature is a solid document storage system that automatically adds agendas and minutes to an online repository that provides ample space for corporate documents for reference. Find annotation tools that let team members to easily highlight, share and comment on documents online or offline to enhance collaboration and understanding.

A central hub for all documents, communications, and tasks allows you to manage everything you need to conduct a successful meeting. You’ll be updated with instant access to meeting materials, messages that are sent by your fellow directors, organizational policies and assignments through your tablet, computer, or smartphone.