Conference Room Technology Trends

The right conference technology can increase collaboration and productivity in both in person and remotely. These meeting room technologies range from wireless connectivity to high-quality video conferencing, provide immersive experiences that reduce barriers to interaction and communication.

With so many different tools and devices to manage and integrate, having an effective conference room technology solution that is intuitive and user-friendly is essential. Inconvenient tools and systems can derail teams from productivity through frustrations like cables that fail to connect, issues joining calls and other issues that can distract from the task at hand.

The conference room is changing into an advanced technological space that enhances team collaboration and communication, both in person and remotely. These new trends in conference rooms, which include wireless connectivity, video-conferencing solutions, interactive boards, and many more, are transforming the way that businesses collaborate, communicate, empower their employees, and more.

These trends in conference rooms that incorporate AI and virtual-reality capabilities, provide immersive experiences that enhance relationships and encourage remote engagement in the office. These technological advances also enable companies to maintain a positive relationship with their employees, partners and customers while also ensuring security and privacy of business-critical information.

With its high-resolution 4K 65-inch multi-touch screen and powerful audio system, Neat Board is the perfect tool to collaborate during meetings and brainstorming sessions. It offers a clean layout, free of clutter, and it automatically wakes up when anyone enters the room to ensure the best possible experience for your team. The video conferencing software includes markers that are easily used for whiteboarding and marking up. It’s the perfect choice for large group collaborations.

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