How to Conduct an Online Board Meeting

While remote working was once seen as a short-term measure to aid organizations in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are now embracing virtual board meetings as a permanent feature of their director and board member engagement. It can take a while for boards to become comfortable and productive in virtual environments.

It isn’t as easy to create a sense community or interaction in a virtual environment as it is in a physical one. Incorporating interactive elements to meetings such as breakout sessions, a game or even a quick poll can help in breaking up long presentations and encouraging more participation. A second problem is that those who aren’t accustomed to using videoconferencing or teleconferencing platforms may be scared of going online. This can lead to lower levels of engagement than normal.

It is essential to select a platform for technology that is user-friendly for online board meetings. It is helpful to run through the technology before the meeting to ensure everyone has the right equipment and is able to participate without any problems. It’s also beneficial to limit the length of online meetings to prevent screen fatigue, as people may get uncomfortable after staring at the computer screen for too long. A short agenda that includes estimated times for each item can help the chair control the meeting and keep the pace moving.